Hello World,

From June 2008 to May 2009 I lived and studied abroad in Egypt, France, and Canada and had many great adventures in those amazing countries. I started in Egypt at the American University of Cairo for their Summer Intensive Arabic Program. I then studied French language and culture at the Universite de Nantes in France for the fall. And finally, studied from January to May at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario where I was a part of a graduate program You can read more about my my travels here

I worked at the Ethnic Cultural Center for a year after graduation and then continued on to work with Nordstrom in Seattle where as a Build Lead I helped deliver better-tested content more quickly to nordstrom.com.

In January of 2012 I attended a Startup Weekend where I met up with some awesome people to start WhichBus, "A simple, beautiful way to navigate public transit" and we have been going strong since and hope to release to the Seattle public soon. Oh yeah, we got first place at another SW for Gov in April and got to meet the Mayor. We then went on to win $30,000 to continue the project! I also gave a talk about WhichBus at Seattle Tech Meetup.

I was fortunate in 2013 to be accepted into the Global Master of Information Systems Management program at Carnegie Mellon University. The first year of the program is in Adelaide, AU and my colleagues are a very international cohort. I definitely got to hold a koala and be the CMUA Google Ambassador! I spent a lot of time enjoying a run or chill afternoon by the beach in Glenelg.

I then spent an awesome three months in Basel, Switzerland as an intern on the Mobility & Collaboration team at Roche Pharmaceutical. I did some cool things with the Google Apps APIs and made dashboards with Tableau to help save money! I also met some great people from all over Europe, swam in the Rhine with my wicklefisch, and went on an awesome bike trip along the Herzroute through Schweiz.

I finished my very very cold last year at CMU and enjoyed life in the Shadyside neighboorhood of Pittsburgh. Graduation couldn't have come any sooner.

After graduation, I joined RethinkDB as a Developer Evangelist and since then have been giving workshops, tutorials, and talks on RethinkDB as well as our other project, Horizon.

If you would like to look at my CV, you may follow this link.

Hope to meet you soon,